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Here are testimonials from HAPPY customers:

John, You're welcome! Thank you for making such great patches and videos! My sound design skills have improved dramatically since I stumbled upon your work. You're a great teacher. What I like about your videos is how you focus more on explaining the abstract theory about how to go about designing sounds, and less on how to make specific sounds.

There are so many videos on YouTube where people demonstrate how to make this person's bass or this other person's lead, but you explain how to go about making unique sounds from scratch, and I think that's the most effective way to teach synthesis.

Keep up the great work! These Absynth patches are amazing! - Kevin

John, The libraries are all extremely well done and I've already found a number of patches super useful. - Don

The loops are very, very cool, they sound like another Big bad Beats package, very cool stuff - Frank (Germany)

I've been a fan since Big Bad Beats on the Akai! - Ken (Hong Kong, China)

I am awaiting Skippy's patches with baited breath, because I have used his FM8 patches in more than a couple tracks and find them to get exactly the job you want done, done.... but without calling attention to themselves.

I wish more Absynth and Massive factory patches were like that. They oftentimes have too much going on.
- Another recent comment from Carl!

Thanks! I really like your work! - Bill

Hello John, in fact I purchased ALL 4 power packs AND both drum loop libraries! They're all great and so are your videos!

Happy vacation and greetings from Cologne/Germany - Florian

I enjoyed your patches very much - Greg

John, Thanks for the great job you do on opening REAL potential of those instruments that you work with! I got you RMX pack, now Massive, and those patches are just freaking awesome. Inspire:: keyword! - Alex


Just a note to the group about Skippy's website. His FM8 tutorial is fantastic (far better than the FM8 manual). Also, I purchased the reasonably priced patches and they were just stellar.

That is the only word I can use. Highly recommended. - Carl (Yahoo user group)

The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for the great sounds. - Andrew








I downloaded the latest tutorial, and got it playing on my 46" TV - looks absolutely stunning - played from my network via a PS3! :-) - Pete (Australia)

Thanks for making and maintaining, all the products and content associated with it and being my favourite laid-back zen-level-skilled programmer/muso on the internets.

I have purchased all of the samples/patches you are currently selling on Pluginguru over the course of the last year and recommended them to a bunch of people, too - probably my most regret-free (zero regrets!) investments into music software ever(along with all the Spectrasonics products - of which RMX is that bit more awesome because of your Power Pack and the Beatropolis collections) - from Michael

I think your Power Pack is going to be a great addition to our "arsenal". - Al

I really liked your videos too - which is why I bought the patches. Great synth that FM8 - so I'm looking forward to your next set of patches. - David Wise

And you might be pleased to know that I learned more from your FM8 videos than I did reading the manual. - Peter

All comments posted by permission