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Quik-E Videos

Quik-E #1

Quik-E #2

Quik-E #3

Quik-E #4

MASSIVE Power Pack Introduction

Free Kore Player

The Finger

Let's Make a Tempo Sync'd Pad in Massive

Quick introduction of our Power Pack for Native Instruments Massive - lots of tips shared along the way....

Native Instruments' Kore Player is a must own for everybody - watch and see why.......

One of the cool sound banks Native Instruments sells that can be used in the Kore Player.....

Follow me on an adventure to make a complex synth patch from scratch - which is part of the Power Pack for Massive!

Quik-E #5

Quik-E #6

Quik-E #7

Quik-E #8

Logic FX Tips #1

Virtual Instruments

Stutter Edit Nirvana

Omnisphere & Bob Moog Tribute Sound Library

Tips for Logic Pro on replacing the Mixer UI and on how to route into the Kore Player for doing real-time audio effect processing.

Christmas 2010 - I share 10 Virtual instruments that are both cool and Free.... ho ho ho.

Amazing audio effect plug-ins for doing complex audio editing in real-time

I did voicing for this amazing Tribute Library that benefits 100% the Bob Moog Foundation.

Quik-E #9

Full Length

Quik-E #10

Quik-E #11

Xfer Records
LFO Tool

HQ Version of Quik-E 001-004

Absynth Power Pack
Show & Tell

Absynth 5 Patches from Scratch!

Quik-E 001

Quik-E 002

Quik-E 003

Quik-E 004

A MUST OWN $25 audio effect plug-in.


I'll show you some of the patches that are found inside of the Power Pack for Absynth 5. I also show you some of the Audio FX patches that are now included in the Power Pack...

A 40 Min (!!!) tutorial on ways to get a going with making your own patches in Absynth 5. Let me know if you liked the "oooh - ahhhh" moment :D...

Quik-E #12

Quik-E #13

Quik-E #14

Quik-E #15

Absynth 5 FX Monster & 1.2 Update

"Giv Me Beatz" Specials+N.I. SKANNER

FM8 Patch Deconstruction for Dubstep & Trance

TOXIC Announcement!

I introduce you to the new patches in the Vol 1.2 Update to the Absynth 5 Power Pack... and... select ANY Absynth 5 patch and use it as an audio FX Processor.. A LOT more than just "Effects"!..

I introduce you briefly to a free Plug-In from Native Instruments called Scanner...

In this exciting Quik-E, I take you on a exploratory expedition where we start with one cool patch and change it into another cool patch that is different than the cool patch we started with....

The FM8 Toxic Library will be THE FM8 library for anybody wanting to create aggressive DubStep, Ambient Dub or even Complextro and other new styles of dance music !..

Quik-E #16

Quik-E #17

Quik-E #18

Quik-E #19

The Toxic FX Tour

Let's Transform a FM8 Factory Patch!

This is the Malicious Sylenth1 Patch Library

Sylenth 1 - Let's Make a SynthBass!

A crazy tour of 10+ Effects and more than 1/2 of them are FREE..

I will take you thru some of the steps you can take to transform a factory patch into an aggressive, expressive EDM type of patch - just like the patches you find in my Toxic FM8 patch library!..

I give you a quick virtual tour of many of the 90 patches in my new Patch library "Malicious Sylenth1" !!!! This is a Library & 2 Video Tutorial combo that is worth way more than it's price!..

I give you a quick tour of many of the patches in my new Patch library "Omniverse"..

Quik-E #20

Quik-E #21

Quik-E #22

Quik-E #23

Let's Make NEW Sylenth1 and Massive Patches from Existing Patches Xfer Record's Nerve Drum Machine An Intro to Spark Dubstep & Eventide Black Hole This is the OMNIVERSE 
Patch Library

Tutorial on making new patches from existing PlugInGuru Library presets. Watch and Learn how to easily make patches have YOUR personality.



I give you a quick tour of many of the patches in my new Patch library "Omniverse"..

MegaMacho Drums Users Manual Part 1

Quik-E #24



Part one of the video owners manual for MegaMacho Drums  OMNIVERSE II
The Dark Hope Patch Library