Toxic for NI FM8
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Toxic for NI FM8 - $35

This is TOXIC FM8!

 71 High Octane inspired patches for FM8 of the likes you've never heard before...... Aggressive | Expressive!

From Insane Wobbles, Pitch Drops, Squelches and Shortys to ÜBER dark dub basses with rhythmic motion, this is a library like NOTHING that has come before it.

FM8 is considered one of the toughest synthesizers to program and in his second library, John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl has studied closely many of the inspiring sounds coming from todays music and injected them into FM8 with tricks galore to make getting Mind Blowing dance tracks will help define you as a unique new artist.
Many people believe that getting killer growls and bass drops with FM8 requires both FM8, a mountain of effects and days of programming automation into your sequencer - NOT TRUE! Play a Toxic patch and move the Modulation Wheel and listen to the Jaw Dropping Growls, Groans, Squelches and other insane sounds that you can simply produce in REAL-TIME. In fact, if you don't use the Modulation wheel on these patches - they sound BORING because you have to perform them to get the sound to come alive!!
On top of this groundbreaking achievement, you ALSO have 4 different patches in EACH PATCH with the Morph Pad (a unique and powerful tool in FM8 few people have discovered). Play the sound, move the modulation wheel AND move the Morph Pad and now you have sounds like NO ONE has ever heard before.
The 1+ HOUR video tutorial shows EVERYTHING on making these types of Toxic sounds as well as tips and tricks for getting NEW sounds from ANY PATCH you have for FM8. A MUST Watch tutorial that will require multiple viewings for everything to sink in!
NOTE: FM8 VERSION 1.2.0 or LATER required to play these patches.

Library Breakdown

71 Patches Total

- 29 - Synth Basses
- 28 - Synth Leads
- 6 - SFX patches
- 5 - Synth Pads
- An Optimized Init Patch
- A Distorted Synth Bell Patch
- Incredible Ambient Dub E.Piano Patch


 Video Tutorial:

1 Hour and 2 min video tutorial covering:
- How to Install the patches
- Optimizing FM8
- EZ Edit Power!
- Step by Step making Agressive bass patch and then making a Wobble version of the same bass.



Native Instruments FM8 VERSION 1.2 or later required.

• Internet connection to download the very large .zip file after purchase

• Total download file size: 280MB    Uncompressed File Size: 402MB


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0 #8 iq9 2013-05-24 22:02
Excellent work, John. Patches alone are worth $30, let alone the straightforward video that takes you into every aspect of FM8 and sound creation from scratch (and a GREAT sound at that). FM8 is underrated - a secret weapon - and this video and these patches prove that fact.

Native Instruments, please hire this man's services to create the library for FM9! :lol:
+1 #7 Origin 2013-01-07 15:26
Greetings from Berlin!!!! Really want to thank you John for your great work on these patches and the tutorial!!!!!!

The sounds kick ass!!!!!

Buy it people. it's worth it!!! :lol:
0 #6 Doctype 2012-12-01 21:46
WOW! This pack is absolutely stunning! After purchasing I fiddled around with the almost endlessly changeable presets for a long time. Lots of distance, filthy, punchy, and very rich sounds in this collection. What suprrisingly pleased me the most however was the instructional video that came included with the sounds. This video is extremely in depth and worth 30 Dollars by itself. Whether a veteran to synthesis or a first time noob, this pack is for you! Thank you and please release another....
+2 #5 James campion 2012-11-07 15:00
thank you Skippy, these patches rock :lol:
+4 #4 Splatmandu 2012-06-21 16:43
I love the way FM synthesis has a way of naturally cutting through a mix, but I have the hardest time 'visualizing' what I need to tweak in FM8 to get the sound I hear in my head. Much thanks for your efforts in de-mystifying this excellent/infuriating synth.
+1 #3 Chronberg 2012-05-19 09:42
Just bought Toxic.
This will get used... a lot! :lol:

Keep up the marvelous work!
+3 #2 John Lehmkuhl 2012-05-09 17:45
Quoting k:
is this .nfm8 ???

Hi there - yes, these patches are in the .nfm8 file format. There is no .ksd version which is why you have to have FM8 version 1.2 or higher. It's very easy to update with the Service center application.
+1 #1 k 2012-05-09 06:48
is this .nfm8 ???

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