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 Rotten Razor


A Stylish, Agressive, Rotten, EPIC, Beautiful and Inspiring 115 patch Library designed to Brighten & Inspire your musical world!

Say hello to the 2nd set of patches I've created for Native Instruments one-of-a-kind synthesizer RAZOR. The 1st library EVIL RAZOR came with 72 patches and an awesome section-by-section video tutorial. Instead of doing the same video again, I decided to instead put the pedal to the metal and crank out a bunch of inspiring patches. So listen to the demos, because while these sounds will RIP a hole in any EDM or DubStep track you throw these sounds into, there are MANY patches here that will fit perfectly in Pop, Downtempo... heck, even COUNTRY if you wish!

One unique addition to this library is that I created a bunch of Wobble Basses that are set to the different timing values - so you have 1/2 note, 1/4 note, 1/8 note, 1/16 and 1/32 note rate wobbling basses so if you don't know how to change LFO Speeds, all the different standard speeds are set up - ready for you to use them!


rotton razor yt thumb  VIDEO #1: Watch a video tour of the patches!

rotton razor yt thumb2

VIDEO #2: Watch a video showing the MAKING of 3 of the demo songs!


BONUS Content!

Download MegaMacho Drum Kits & MIDI Files for all 4 Demo Songs!

(Kit files require the Kontakt 5 version of the library)

PLAY/Download Downtempo Demo at 96Khz 24-bit Audio Dropbox

PLAY/Download Techno Demo at 96Khz 24-bit Audio from Dropbox

NOTE: Audio not compatible with most browsers. I suggest downloading the file and using

VLC Player to play the files. They have free players for PC or Mac HERE 


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Library Breakdown

115 Inspiring and unique patches for Native Instruments Razor:

  • 11 Basses Patches
  • 5 Bell Patches
  • 41 BPM BASS Patches
  • 1 BPM DRUM Patches
  • 4 BPM LEAD Patches
  • 3 BPM PAD Patches
  • 12 BPM Synth Patches
  • 3 KEYBOARD Patches
  • 8 LEAD Patches
  • 8 PAD Patches
  • 3 PLUCK Patches
  • 15 SYNTH Patches


  • Library of patches for Native Instruments Razor.
  • .SSF file that allows you to load the entire 115 patches into a pull-down menu in Razor
  • Read Me PDF file with installation instructions and a list of the patches
  • Artwork for librarary JPEG image


• Razor Version 1.5 or higher (patches are NOT comptible with earlier versions)

• Internet connection to download the .ZIP file.

• PC and Mac Installation instructions are included.

• Total download size: 6.6MB

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