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Evil Razor for NI Razor
(15 votes)

Evil Razor for NI Razor - $20 Until Aug 1st



Patches AND Video Tutorial in a single purchase!


Electronic mayhem is guaranteed in this latest patch library featuring 72 filthy patches for the montrous Razor, spanning everything from dubstep to dark techno - combined with a 42 minute video tutorial that shares the secrets of how to become a Razor specialist.

Razor uses a unique 320 OSC 'Sine Bank' sound generator in Reaktor which makes it sound totally unique compared to everything else. Nothing can make the sounds Razor can - and in this pack we push Razor to its limits for some of the darkest and most aggressive patches imaginable!

The mod wheel has been set up for every patch to up the destruction ante.

In the 45-min video, another trick is revealed that many patches utilize for even MORE real-time sonic insanity... So watch the video closely to learn about this ability that in not even possible with most Plug-ins!

NOTE: If you're using the free reactor player to play Razor, then you probably know that you can’t save your own patches - so that makes getting more patches for Razor even more important!!

Library Breakdown

72 Patches Total

- 12 Synth Bass Patches
- 10 Synth Wobble Bass Patches
- 7 Lead Patches
- 1 Organ Patch
- 4 Synth Pad Patches
- 3 Pluck Patches
- 7 Synth Patches
- 6 SFX Patches
- 28 Synth Patches


45-min video tutorial that takes you thru both the fairly tricky installation process as well as the interface of Razor so that you will be a Plugged-In Pro with Razor!


74 New patches for Razor and an in depth look at the amazing power Razor has under it's simplistic looking user interface + 45-min 720p HD .mov quick time video tutorial.


• Native Instruments Reaktor 5 or free Reaktor 5 Plug-in

• Native Instruments Razor Plug-In Virtual Instrument

• Internet connection to download the .zip file after purchase

• 261MB single file download, 331MB final size after un-zipping - so you need almost 600MB to download and then unzip the zip file.


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0 #8 Sherryl 2014-03-20 12:19
Keep on writing, great job!
0 #7 Matthew 2013-08-22 18:47
Next chance I get I will be investing in this. Razor is my new favorite synth and these patches sound amazing! I have the free player and I save presets all the time. NI must have changed that. Thanks for your work.
0 #6 DJ Dex 2012-09-19 22:47
Dude! You are cultivating some serious synth mastery! It is great to see someone like you doing this so well and helping all of us musical guys focus on getting our ideas down without investing too much time in quality patch design.

Just got Komplete 8 and will be grabbing this Razor pack from you soon! Really looking forward to your tutorial! Cheers, and I wish you the best!

Kind regards,
0 #5 Blake Sellers 2012-07-08 19:41
:D i have to say i agree with what kent Parkins said! you have got to be one of the premier patch designers on the planet! i have been learning to produce electric for a year and a half now and i have searched for sound sets galore but none of them compare to yours skippy! i am definitely picking up a copy of this pack as soon as i have the funds!

thanks for all your work! there are plenty of people out here that love what you do and envy your killer skillzzz!

thanks again! Blake

0 #4 Justin Streck 2012-07-06 13:49
Excellent, useful patches. Every patch is conceivably usable and well designed. Highly recommended.

0 #3 Alan 2012-01-09 15:27
The patches are awesome and intelligently designed to have certain traits and characteristics which are tweakable. Johns instruction is unparalleled and easily the best on the internet, trust me I've looked. He is an expert at his craft. I HIGHLY recommend this package if you have RAZOR. The video is outstanding. I'm so glad someone is doing this for everyone who didn't have the time and money for recording engineering school.
0 #2 Kevin Farrell 2012-01-04 10:27
AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, MIND BLOWING!!.. I have been searching for presets like these from using just about all types of synthesizers and vst's for a good year or two. These are unreal. If you are not the best at tweaking sounds and own the razor, BUY THIS!!.. It will work for all genres as well !!!
0 #1 Kent Parkins 2011-12-16 17:31
I just wanted to acknowledge your efforts regarding synthesis. Your expertise as a patch designer is beyond compare. This is a long overdue accolade to your many many years as one of the premier patch designers on the planet. I first heard your patches and downloaded them on the Yahoo Absynth forum. Abysynth 3 was my first softsynth. Your FM8 and Massive video's were superb! The Evil Razor is fantastic.
Please keep up your wonderful work.

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