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MegaMacho Drums COMBO

Introducing MegaMacho Drums Version 1.5

in both

Kontakt 5 and WAV format!


Now you can choose which format you wish to own:

mmd wav 200

mmd k5 200

mmd combo 200

MegaMacho Drums
WAV Format


MegaMacho Drums
Kontakt 5 Format


MegaMacho Drums
COMBO format
(both K5 and WAV



Existing MegaMacho Drums Kontakt 5 Owners - to pay the $45 UPGRADE FEE to get the WAV version contact us here and we will send a PayPal invoice to you. WAV owners can also Cross-grade for $125.00.




MegaMacho Drums - Kontakt 5 format gives you the unique custom interface and works ONLY in Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or the FREE Kontakt 5 Player.

The Advantages being that it's very easy to load the kits from the Libraries tab, the user interface allows for drum sounds to be edited far deeper and in more powerful ways than just playing samples back AND the new MIDI GROOVE PLAYER allows you to audition the 550+ MIDI file based grooves from WITHIN the interface. You no longer have to go to your computers folders and drag MIDI files in to your sequencer to hear them. The MIDI Groove Player also sync's to your host and has some very powerful parameters that can be automated to make creating dynamic, always changing grooves easy as moving 3 parameters!

mmd final


For Kontakt 5 Owners

• Download MegaMacho Drums 1.5 Update Here

• Download the FREE Christmas Preset: 

"Zee All Kitz On MW.nki" Here

For WAV Owners:

Download the Final 567 MMD MIDI files Here

MegaMacho Drums WAV format gives you the 2,000+ individual WAV drum samples plus files to load the 60 Presets in 6 different formats:

• Kontakt 4/5 (.nki)

• Battery 3/4  (.kt3)

• Logic Pro EXS 24 (.exs)

• Propellerheads Reason

• ProTools Structure

• Ableton Live Sampler

The advantage being that you can use these samples in your plug-in or sequencer of choice without needing to own or use Kontakt 5.

Details about the library:

• 2,000 drum samples - many of them are created thru complex sound manipulation or by layering up to 8 drums together to make HUGE drum sounds for todays music production styles.

• 13 Special KITS with 61 samples per kit: Genres covered include Techno/Trance/House, EDM, DubStep, Trap, HipHop, Pop, Vintage. These kits are "compatible" so you can switch MIDI Files and the grooves still play correctly.

26 Drum MAPS: Thes kits typically also have 61 samples per kit but are not compatible with each other when playing MIDI File grooves. The Deep Space kit has a completely different layout compared to the Damaged Perc kit, for example.

• In the Kontakt version of MegaMacho Drums, there are 100+ Kit Instruments with many of them taking these 39 kits and manipulating them with the powerful effects and sound processing tools that are built into the MegaMacho K5 interface. These kits don't exist for the WAV version of the library.

• Now over 550+ MIDI File Drum Grooves in music styles ranging from TRAP to DubStep to EDM to Pop and even Waltzes, 5/4 Progressive and more!

As I stated above, the Kontakt 5 version has a built-in MIDI Groove Player which makes accessing and manipulating these grooves a LOT easier (and more fun!). This option doesn't exist for the WAV version because most samplers don't have this functionality.

Of the 34 kits, 13 of them follow strick map assignments for Kick, Snare, Side Stick, Claps, Toms, HiHats, Crash, Ride, Tambourine, CowBell, Agogo, Shaker 1, Shaker 2, Clave, Triangles and Shaker 3. This mapping layout was something I first helped establish with drum kits I've made for various Korg workstations over the last 20 years. We use this hybrid General MIDI mapping layout today in the KRONOS, and KROSS workstations.

Kit Note Assignments

What this means, is that while a drum groove is playing, you can switch between these 13 kits to get tons of sonic variety while playing just 1 of the included grooves! Play Trance grooves on a Trap drum kit for making NEW generes of music!

This library of MIDI grooves is now at over 500+ Grooves. Most of them are aimed at today's modern dance music styles. There are a ton of killer acoustic drum libraries, not that many killer EDM/Dance drum libraries that cover this many styles in one library and that I think is what ultimately makes MegaMacho Drums soooo cool. You can take Drum n Bass grooves and use them with a Hip Hop drum kit. Exploration and discovering new grooves is what MMD is all about!

megamacho ui

The MegaMacho Kontkat 5 Interface has selectable High Pass/Low Pass filter, 9 effects, Amp, Filter and Pitch EG's and MORE at your immediate disposal to mangle the samples - even on a PER SAMPLE basis! So one sample can have huge reverb while another sample has LoFi, EQ and Digital Delay on it. It is SO MUCH FUN to play with this interface, you won't want to stop!

Please watch the video tutorials below to see MegaMacho in action! There is SO much you can do with this interface INCLUDING loading in samples from ANY OTHER Kontakt library and manipulating them with this visual interface! Take those cinematic drums and give them a different sound than what everybody else has!


The PDF Link above will open the 25+ page Owners manual.



Comments from some happy customers:

"I've never found a drum library more instantly usable and sonically powerful as this one. For electronic music production my first go to choice has got to be Mega Macho Drums, period."- Ryeland Allison, EDM producer and Film & TV Composer (Note: Ryeland was one of the "12 drummer circle" that played on the Hanz Zimmer Man of Steel soundtrack!) 


Its really convenient having them inside of Ableton. I have been using your midi grooves alot for perc and hi hat fills and now i dont have to boot up Kontakt each time and can still try out all the kits rather quickly. Amazing workflow! - Steven True


"Been playing with this for hours. I like it better than most of my other Kontakt libraries." - James


"Kontact 5 just got lucky, MegaMacho Drums with it's ton of sounds under the hood and an interface that is sound manipulation at its absolute best is here!!" - Bob


"Now for the bad news about the actual library..............................too many good sounds :) I can't get any tunes down as I just want to keep programming drum tracks/beats." - Adrian


"I bought  MegaMacho today it sounds great and i have already written a new track using it" - Nik


"It was after midnight when I started to use the Mega Macho Drums and they really sound great. I haven't discover all the possibilities yet and didn't watch the video until the end, because I needed to go to bed but I would have liked to stay up all night like a birthday child who want's to play with his present..." - Anselme


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Library Breakdown

2,000+ Drum and Percussion Samples

34 unique Drum Kits including:
  • AnaBox
  • ATOMA Bomba 1
  • ATOMA Bomba 2
  • Beast 4
  • EDM DanceFest
  • DubStep 1
  • DubStep 2
  • Futur TRAP
  • MegaMacho
  • PsYKo
  • SKip HOp
  • Vintage King
  • AnaBox Shadow
  • DubStep 1 Shadow
  • MegaMacho Shadow
  • Ambi Cave
  • Damaged Perc
  • DeadSpace
  • Glitch Bit Kit
  • Impulsive Bit Kit
  • LoopGroov Bits 1
  • LoopGroov Bits 2
  • LoopGroov Bits 3
  • LoopGroov Bits 4
  • LoopGroov Bits 5
  • VoKal Drum Bits

    ... and MORE!!


• Incredible Kontakt 5 User Interface with 9 effects and tons of parameters for sound manipulation - on a PER DRUM Sample Basis!

• 100+ MIDI Grooves that are compatible with all of the KITS - Drums Programs. Play one of these grooves in your sequencer and change the drum kits - then edit the kits to custom liking for a drum groove that is truly your own!  More MID Grooves will be released in August and again in October!


• Native Instruments Kontkat 5.2 or Kontakt 5 PLAYER  required. Version 5.2 was just released at the end of June, 2013 - so make sure you update!  This library is protected and requires a serial number to activate. This serial number is sent to you via an email from "".

• Internet connection to download the .ZIP file.

• FYI, this email might take up to 1-hour after purchase to arrive - if you can't find it, check your emails' Spam folder.

• PC and Mac Installation instructions are found in the included "MegaMacho Drums Manual V1.pdf". After Unzipping the library, installation happens inside of the Kontakt 5 or Kontkat 5 Player user interface.

• Total download size: 975 MB   Uncompressed: 988 MB

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0 #10 Brad 2016-05-09 14:01
Love all your products and videos. Top notch all around. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO, JOHN!
0 #9 Jay kay 2015-07-27 02:20
Great product! It's one of those programs you dont mind paying for. Because It's the best.
THanks for great sounds and grooves. I remember paying 100 for skip to my loops sample cd. This is so much more than a sample cd. It's s mega macho sample instrument.
0 #8 Henky 2015-06-09 11:49
Great work John!
You inspire me to make Music in a fun and cool way!
Keep up the good work!
+1 #7 Andrey 2015-02-17 04:37
Wow! That's great! :D
0 #6 Bill Mooney 2014-12-28 02:06
John wanted to tank you sooner but just been to busy going through all the Over The Top, Patches I enjoy so much. I just got Mega Macho Drums and you didn't disappoint me. Quality of your work is A+. I'd like to see you do some patches and banks for Synth-master I know they will be the best. Thanks again for all your dedication and hard work. Bill M.
0 #5 Olav 2014-12-04 00:51
Magnificent product, not just the sounds but the way the GUI was thought out is genius too.
0 #4 SearlStudio 2014-01-14 11:42
Mega Macho Drumz is one of the best drum sample libraries for any platform instrument that I've seen (and I have them all... literally :0) The layout is intuitive and the sounds and tweek-ability is fantastic. Adding the MIDI playback within the interface was really smart. Keep up the great work! I'll be back for more! - Stephan
+2 #3 Mike Liebner 2014-01-01 14:50
Wow! (I bet you hear that a lot!) Wow... these MegaMacho Drums are amazing! I haven't been this thrilled by a drum library for a long time... maybe never - at least not like this. I love how the keys are all filled with a huge variety of golden nuggets instead of those scrawny kits that most other "premium" libraries typically deliver. MegaMacho Drums is insanely fun to play around with and is very inspiring! I suspect I will be spending a lot of time with this! Thanks for a great product John! You struck gold with this one!
+4 #2 Stu_Art 2013-12-26 09:25
Many thanks for all your hard work John... very cool and with the bonus of importing own Wavs and using the fantastic UI, this is a great addition to my sonic set-up. Have a great Christmas and New Year...look forward to your creativity and further successes in 2014!! all the very best Stu
+7 #1 barry kelly 2013-08-19 02:36
cool kits

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