Malicious Sylenth
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Malicious Sylenth - $35


This is Malicious Sylenth

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Mainroom - where plans are underway to attack speakers with sounds that will leave everybody in the room speechless and ghasping for air!!


Aggressive Arp Patterns, Evil Bass Patches (that transform with the Mod Wheel into Very Scary Things), Pads that are hand-crafted in heaven for the chill moments in the song and enough Synth Leads to make anybody's track scream and yell in new ways that will re-define Sylenth and the people that use these sounds. Pack on some über useful pitch squelchy patches and SFX Drops and noise pads and you have a killer stack of patches to work with!!

On top of these patches, we are including something that might be even bigger than these patches:  2 Video Tutorials where I create 6 patches FROM SCRATCH in real-time while YOU come along for the ride.

The 1st video "Basic Bootcamp" shows you how to get the required BETA version of Sylenth1 so that you can even play the patches (Cracks and the legit Download from WON'T PLAY THESE PATCHES). Then we do a quick tour of the interface of Sylenth1 and a quick but very well done introduction to Subtractive Synthesis (for those of you just getting into the game). And then, the Main Course of 3 different patches are created - Basic Bass, Basic Pad and Basic SFX.

After this 44+ Min. Video, take a break, get some water and then dive into Video Tutorial #2 where we take the 3 basic programs from the earlier tutorial and builds FAR more advance Patches and you watch the process of creation happen on the screen in front of you (BTW, I've never done videos like this before but the experience was truly magical). The transformation is really awesome to watch and you will gain a TON of knowledge and new ways of thinking when you are programming your own patches by watching these well crafted videos.

Library Breakdown

90 Patches Total:

15 - ARP Patches
25 - Bass Patches
14 - Lead Patches
6 - Pad Patches
9 - Synth Patches
8 - SFX Patches
6 - Drum Patches
6 - Tutorial Patches (2 Bass, 2 Pad and 2 SFX)



Video Tutorials:

Tutorial #1: Sylenth1 Part 1 - Basic - total run time: 44:43
      •Getting the Beta Version
      •Making of 3 Patches
Tutorial #2: Sylenth1 Part 2 -  More - total run time: 33:26
       •Taking the 3 basic patches to turning them into far more Advanced patches

 Videos are formatted to 1280x720 (720p)


Sylenth 1 Beta 2.21 REQUIRED
(no earlier version of Sylenth1 will play these patches.
Instructions on how to get the Beta version are included in the PDF Read Me).
Internet Connection with (hopefully) a fast connection
Total Download File Size: 754.1 MB
Total UnZipped File Size: 913 MP

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0 #4 Secretnoise 2014-09-22 12:18
Just came across your XFer tutorial for Serum and discovered your website. Excellent stuff here will be getting a few patches, thanks for taking time to make these tutorials ! :-)

AKA - Secretnoise
+1 #3 Kevin Mc 2012-09-12 15:02
Honestly one of the best sound designers around. That sylenth soundset is amazing! Kudos amigo! ;)
+1 #2 Shani Haider 2012-07-06 12:26
My sylenth never sounded this big! Thanks for the amazing patch library.
+1 #1 Jeff Jones 2012-06-15 10:41
John, you da Man! Thanks! Another epic soundset. The programming tutorials alone are a steal at twice the price and the sounds are beautiful. Don't you love those filters?

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