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MegaMacho Drums for BreakTweaker - $54.95

MegaMacho Drums for BreakTweaker!

If you've played with iZotope's BreakTweaker, it's hard to not be impressed with the abilities of this plug-in. However if you've played thru the presets, you'll find 92 mostly EDM presets and a confusing layout of the 12 patterns in each preset. When I purchased this on the day it came out, I immediately relealized this as being a plug-in that desperately needed a Power Pack!

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I'm blown away with the emails from happy MegaMacho drums customers. People are loving the qualtiy and uniqeness of the samples so it made perfect sense to create a unqiue version of MegaMacho Drums tailored for BreakTweaker.  This Power Pack has 124 grooves in 11+ Genres and 910 Sound Generator presets. Factory voicing had only 92 Presets in 5 EDM genres and a paultry 69 sound generator presets... To make this truly unique, I've included 1,061 Drum Samples from MegaMacho Drums. The huge memory "Shadow Kits" and some drum samples are not included. These are only availble in the Kontakt 5 or WAV versions of MegaMacho Drums.

For the first time ever, I hired 4 other programmers to work with me on this project. Ryeland Allison, Toby Pitman, Seth Norman and Carl Helder worked with me to create the Patterns. Their resumes of clients they have worked with is impressive and inspiring (Hanz Zimmer, Sir Paul McCartney, James Newton Howard, TOOL, James Newton Howard, Triage, BT and many many more). The end results is a truly inspiring library of grooves exclusive to BreakTweaker that use MegaMacho Drum Samples, Factory samples and in some cases the Expansion sample libraries that you can purchase from iZotope (highly recommended).

The majority of these 124 presets have 10 patterns and follow identical note layout standards. Patterns 1-3 are the groove (pattern 2 ALWAYS has no pitch and ready for writing music in ANY key). Patterns 4 - 6 are fills. Patterns 7 - 9 are No Kick, No Snare and No Kick or Snare patterns. Pattern #10 is generally a single snare hit so that you can do simpler drum fills. This makes working with these presets a lot of fun because you know what to expect when you play a note instead of having to learn what groove each pattern is before starting to write music. If you have worked with the factory voicing, you totally know what we're talking about.

 Watch the videos, listen to the music demos. This is a very special labor of love to make BreakTweaker far more potent and usable than how it comes from the factory.

mmd bt playvideo






NOTE: Make sure you have the additional 1.5Gb FACTORY SAMPLE CONTENT installed or you will get "Missing Samples" messages! Check your BreakTweaker Library/Samples - get information on the folder size. If it's 5.2 megabytes, then you're missing 1.5 GIGABYTES of factory content!


NOTE #2: 16 of these 124 Presets use samples from the Cinematic Textures and Vintage Machines EXPANSION libraries you can buy from iZotope for BreakTweaker. These Presets won't load without these libraries. More Info Here.


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Library Breakdown

124 Presets in 11 Genres

910 Sound Generator Presets

1,061 Drum Samples from MegaMacho Drums


Pattern Genres:














BreakTweaker 1.0.1 Plug-In for PC or Mac

NOTE: Make sure you have the additional 1.5Gb FACTORY SAMPLE CONTENT installed or you will get "Missing Samples" messages! If you still get error messages, REINSTALL this library again!

NOTE 2: Cinematic Textures and Vintage Machines Expansion Libraries also required for 16 of these 124 Presets. Info Here.

The fastest computer you can get

211MB Download

378.6 MB unzipped

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0 #9 steve 2015-11-11 16:50
This pack is smoking. Sounds and grooves are inspiring. Much thought given to the beat layouts and the understandable,
useful documentation. The videos are well produced and well paced.
0 #8 Jeff B. 2015-05-05 06:23
I've bought 10+ plug in guru products over the years - never disappointed - and this one may be my favorite. Even if you had already bought MMD in another format (as I had), it is worth more than the price of admission. It is much more than the MMD samples. Every preset and pattern sounds Amazing.

If you have BreakTweaker, THIS IS ESSENTIAL! I would now consider BreakTweaker incomplete without this.

I do think they should of included some of the shadow sounds (at least a few). BT is so good at layering and manipulating.

I would also like to say that maybe they've updated BT because I experienced NO CPU problems whatsoever on any of the CPU presets.
+1 #7 W B McCarty 2014-11-02 20:32
Tip to those experiencing audio breakup due to CPU limits, in Ableton Live (version 9.1.5 under Windows 7 x64): Use TWO instances of BreakTweaker and divide the parts between them (e.g., drums and bass). As a computer scientist, I do know you'd expect this to make matters WORSE; but for some crazy reason (presumably, related to the way Ableton schedules internal tasks related to VST instruments), it works BETTER in my case. In particular, it made it possible to render some patterns that continually broke up when run in a single instance. Hey, it's worth a shot, right? Cheers,
+1 #6 Nebojsa Tramosljika 2014-05-23 01:37
People be aware....Skippy can read your mind...he knows which drumsounds you need...Thanks for giving me the sounds i searched for such a long time. This stuff is the f....... bomb. Quality and useability in perfect balance.

All the best.
0 #5 Jimmy Makhaisingh 2014-04-29 11:19
Man Skippy,
This one is smokin !!!
As soon the notification came in, the soonest I ordered MMD.
This one really inspired me to make some creative tracks!!

Big Up,
Jimmy Makhaisingh
0 #4 Gary Rottger 2014-04-19 07:00
Hi John,
Once again you have provided the composer community with a useful, great sounding product. Thanks for Mega Macho Drums for Breaktweaker! Looking forward to your next product.
Best regards,
Gary Rottger
0 #3 Peter Paslack 2014-04-19 03:08
Dear John !

Since yesterday, I use your new
BreakTweaker Power Pack. Like MMD, it sounds very very good !
Thank´s for your work !!

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

Peter Paslack
0 #2 George Leger III 2014-04-19 00:01
Love the new library Skippy.
Bought it, downloaded it, and wrote a cool R&B track idea around it within a few minutes of starting it up.

Great patterns, sounds, simple and fun.

Awesome job!!!!!
0 #1 Rob van Hees 2014-04-18 14:07
Dear Skippy,

Thank you so much for the Megamacho drums - Breaktweaker Pack : AMAZING !!

I watched your video about it and was sold right away. :D
Please keep those incredible packs coming !


Rob van Hees
Soundengineer & Music producer - Radio 538

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