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Native Instruments Absynth 5
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Native Instruments Absynth 5 - $35


We Re-Invented Absynth 5 with this library!!

If you own Absynth 5 - you really should get some NEW patches for it! (it came out 5+ years ago!)

Everybody including Native Instruments thinks Absynth 5 is more of an "out there" synth by voicing it with spacy patches that are added sprinkles on top of a prodution. My goal with this library was simply to re-invent Absynth 5 into a thundering virtual synth capable of epic bassline wobbles, ferocious synth leads, wild FX, twisted vocalisers and more. Absynth 5 made its name as the ultimate plug-in for spaced-out ambient pads and complex motion sci-fi patches but I've always known that Absynth is capable of FAR MORE than the factory patches show ya.

So I worked hard at turning Absynth 5 into an unstoppable mainroom monster of a synth packed with basses, leads, pads, pulses, pianos, bells, drums, vox and wind patches. If you didn't think Absynth could be used as the primary synth in a track, you'll be in for some plesant surprises - the power of Absynth as a pad/motion machine can easily be applied to killer leads, basses and many other sounds!

Not only is every patch programmed with cutting-edge dance music in mind, the performance sliders have been programmed to allow you to simply customise each patch without having to get deep inside Absynth's powerful underbelly - start moving sliders and tweak the sound to suit the track you are working on.

This Power Pack also comes with 29+ MB of samples (some of me yelling and sounding rather tortued) and a Read Me PDF that shows where the 2 folders should be installed - these patches and sampless are compatible with both PC & Mac based computers.

Give your productions some new patches that sound totally unique thanks to Absynth's mind blowing synthesis Engine!

Library Breakdown

183 Patches (149 Synth Patches & 34 Absynth FX Patches)
Absynth 5 Synth Patches:
32 Monster Synth Basses

• 32 Epic Leads

• 22 Tempo Synced BPM Patches

• 32 Incredible Pads

• 11 SFX

• 8 Keyboards

• 4 Bells

• 3 Tempo Synced Drum Patches

• Plus vox patches and wind patches.


Absynth 5 FX Patches - 34 totally creative ways to manipulate ANY audio signal.

Also Includes > 27MB of samples including 28 OSC Pads, vocal moanings and 4 different noise types - Absynth 5 doesn't have a noise generator.


Custom hand-crafted Patches for NI Absynth 5 that are aimed at virtually any musician that uses synthesizers for their musical production - many of these Pataches are sounds that are (in our opinion) missing from the factory voicing! You will also find inspiring  patches that are aimed at being the SPARK that gets YOU fired up and writing new music!


• Requires Absynth 5 version 5.1.0 or higher (because Patches are in the new .nabs file format.)
• 30MB of HD space
• Patches are 100% compatible with both Mac and Pc
• Internet connection to download .zip file of patches after sales transaction is complete.
• Detailed notes and installation instruction found in the included READ ME .pdf

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0 #2 Doug 2016-01-02 09:48

So happy I found your site and the Absynth power pack. FINALLY some patches for it that are worth the investment in both! Your videos (not enough tutorials! More patches-from-scratch please...) have given hope in understanding this beast. Always knew it was super-powerful and worth the money, but it's taken your content to explain how it really can be better exploited.

Please don't stop adding to the pack -- hopefully NI/Brian will keep polishing and updating Absynth, perhaps with a more refined version 6... someday... :-*

I'm with Keith -- really appreciate what you do.
+1 #1 Keith Ebeltoft 2014-09-20 03:35
Hi John,
Just loaded your set of patches into my Absynth5.... the set up went without a hitch and the sounds are amazing! I was honestly a bit disappointed with the sounds that came with Absynth until I loaded your patches. These are just what I was hoping for. All very musical and playable, something missing with the default patches. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you do. Thanks so much. Keith

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